New York; – Several persons were nabbed in a recent crackdown by the US immigration authorities, which also saw three Guyanese being placed in detention in preparation for deportation.

Among the Guyanese that were arrested, a man whose name has been given as Dane John, and who is labeled as dangerous and a major criminal threat to the public, was hauled in as a priority target by the authorities.

US immigration and customs officials are now said to be working on the required procedures aim at sending John back to Guyana as quickly as possible.

According to the authorities, the Guyana-born man has a long and dangerous criminal rap sheet which include kidnapping, criminal possession of a weapon, and assault in the second degree, for which he had recently served seven years in prison.

The 35-year-old John is also reported to have served sentences for other serious offenses, and is considered a threat to public safety.

It is also reported that after the man’s most recent arrest in New York earlier this year, specifically on the 9 June, immigration authorities had lodged a request for him to be detained further in preparation for deportation to Guyana, since he was on a list of persons that were considered for priority removal from the US.

However, the New York police surprisingly went ahead and released the Guyanese man, in total breach of the immigration order and much to the surprise of US immigration authorities.

As a result, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) decided to hunt down John themselves; a decision which turned out to be a success.

They are now making efforts to send John back to Guyana.