(Note: This article is longer than usual, and can take between 4 to 6 minutes to read)

(Editorial) This morning (Wednesday 02 May) at about 9:40am, a friend of mine from the Trinidad Express shared a video post to my Facebook timeline with some laughing icons above the post.

I generally do not approve other people’s post to be on my timeline. So I choose to simply look at the video instead.

In the video, a young Guyanese woman was adding make-up touches to her face while comically explaining what the people of Trinidad, Barbados, Jamaica, and Guyana is known for.

She lamented that Trinidadians are good for their soca and carnival, Barbadians are good for their Crop Over, and Jamaicans are good for their dancehall, reggae music and creativity.

But when she reached to Guyana, I laughed for a long time, uncontrollably.

In her continued comical way she said “Guyanese are good for talking people name. Guyanese people love to talk”.

I continued to laugh at the statement, because by most accounts, she is correct.

There are people in this country whose lives are miserable and running like a wasteland, yet they find the time to ridicule, attack, and fight down other people whose lives are stress-free and obviously much more happier than theirs.

From my own experience, this particular culture continues to make me laugh.

Imagine, you making progress ten folds than the people that are finding time to criticize you, yet still, they ignore your successes and continue to criticize.

And this is why I can safely say so. ………

Now, a few years ago, the media had a field day with my name. They ran it in every possible style and fashion clearly with the intent to sink me down, amid punitive brushes with the law that were wildly exaggerated.

I knew the people that did it, but I hold no grudges against them. Because, I am doing way better than all of them today. I can only pity their obvious misery.

Seven years later, after living abroad and raising my own hard earned money, these people are seemingly stuck in my past and cannot seem to wake up to reality as yet.

While 95% of society has left the accusations and exaggerated tales about me behind, this group of people keeps playing the same CD over and over again, insomuch, that I have now made these things into folk-jokes at the bars.

Now earlier today, my attention was brought to a poorly-written article in a local online news medium where a degrading inference was drawn to the Guyana Guardian.

It was clear that the inference was intended to be used as an attack tool to continue an ongoing campaign against the Guyana Guardian.

But before I go further, there are three things that readers need to first understand.

First of all, the Guyana Guardian has evolved into one of the local news mediums with the highest ratio of online readers, after popular journalist Gordon Mosley’s Newssource, the Kaietuer News, and the Stabroek News.

Additionally, it the enjoys the highest number of social shares per article on most days, after Gordon Mosley’s Newssource, and Travis Chase’s Facebook page, both of which enjoys higher share counts overall within a one week period.

It remains very popular in the Guyanese diaspora in the United States, Canada, and the UK, which accounts for more than 45% of its daily readers, and just about 48% percent from Guyana.

Realistically, with a daily average readership hit of around 30,000 daily, it is evident that more people read and share content from the Guyana Guardian than most of the other local online news portals.

Added to that, any ordinary person can do a comparison web check and they would easily discover that the international news media has quoted the Guyana Guardian for reliability more times than any other news publication in Guyana.

Go check it for yourself.

For me, these things have been provoking jealousy, hatred, and vindictive public campaigns from a known-list of journalists from certain local media houses, whose aimed are to destroy the fabric of the publication; – something that would never happen.

When the hand-picked head of the DPI Imran Khan had resorted to abusing an APNU/AFC election campaign page to beg people not to read the Guyana Guardian, I felt happy that this pathological dunce had stooped so low to attack the Guardian.
Instead of sinking, the publication readership numbers swelled when he published that post, while its page likes increased.

After all, a few people who did not know about the Guardian went and try to find out more about it.
Thereafter, they kept coming back.

So every time they publish something negative about the Guyana Guardian locally, they continue to help to make the publication more popular, since our traffic through Google search would often rise.

But as much as Imran Khan had tried, the public ‘sucked their teeth’ on him and continues to read and share Guyana Guardian articles, while urging the publication to remain steadfast.

Now, the Guyana Press Association, a fancy-gallop grouping whose objectives are way below the level of a Huffington Post Journalist like myself to even attempt to join, now seems to be launching a new campaign.

Can you imagine an international journalist who writes for the most powerful news blog in the world (the Huffington Post), and several other international publications around the world, having to stoop to the Guyana Press Association, most of whose attention-craving members are unworthy to work with the Huff Post?

Do I look like I have time for such a “shitta-batty” irony?

I don’t.

I do not and will not encourage any of my writing staff to join such a partisan organization.

Instead, I often encourage them to join media groupings in Europe where they can get realistic and unbiased opportunities. They have never regretted my advice in that regard.

The Guyana Press Association has no influence in the local and global readership sphere; and is misleading themselves into believing that they can dictate what the public must read and what the public must not read.

If you ask me, I can safely say that I am more popular in this country and abroad than the Guyana Press Association.

And if I just post one message asking people on my Facebook wall to ignore the crap that certain people at the GPA are trying to do, I am sure that more than 20,000 Guyanese people and more than ten thousand foreigners would rush to agree with me.

Can you really exert control over such a person?

Hell no!

So today, when that girl who have been working with an outdated newscast since Noah was building his Ark, made inferences about the Guyana Guardian, I caused my lawyers to immediately see how and where in that statement we can drag her and the organization she represents, up the court steps.

I am told we have one solid ground. So everything else will take its course.

Interestingly, the Newsroom, which is accustom to copying and pasting other people international news articles without paying a subscription for them, and having a readership count that is too embarrassing to mention, carried that ignorance.

But then again, I have the make-shift Editor from that publication in court. Hence, she would happily publish that inference.

Any normal thinking person can see clearly that there is a concerted effort to bring the Guyana Guardian down.

Luckily, the publication is heavily funded with continuously flowing foreign currency from abroad, and don’t intend to even offer up advertising space online, because we have no need to depend on it.

So they will be hopeless in their quest, even if I am dead.

In reverting to my earlier point, a lot of these people live a shitty life that is filled with trials and unbearable tribulations. But is still finding the time to gossip about someone who lives a far more comfortable life than they do.

This is not an issue about boasting. It is about helping you to better understand how low thinking, evil, and restless these sufferers are.

Is it because I have written more than twenty books that are well published, and is available at almost every major bookstore in the world, and within the digital bookshelves of Apple, Barnes and Noble etc?

After all, these bloodsuckers have no significant achievement to their names. When they die, history will forget them. My books and the multiple monthly paychecks will go right down to my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and the annals of literature and history.

Is that why they envy me?

Or is it because I drive a BMW and an Audi, and some of these same blood-sucking gossipers are still “ketchin” bus and taxi, or is hoping that their bank mortgage for their aging car can somehow be cleared off?

Is it because, they were rejected by the Huffington Post (the world’s most powerful news blog), and I remains the only Guyanese writer that is retained by them, and a whole host of other Western news publications, hence they are having a grudge?

Some of these third-world journalists that are playing big-time journalist in Guyana, cannot even pass the basic ABC test that the average Western media house sets, yet still, they are trying to degrade me, when dozens of articles under my name has appeared in some of the largest news publications in the world.

If that is not the grudge reason, …….

Is it because I provide employment for more than a dozen people abroad and more than half a dozen here, thus ensuring that almost twenty families are being taken care of, while all that those gossipers are accustom to is receiving (and has nothing to offer)?

Or is it a case where after they had ridicule me in the past, my evolving glory is driving them to insanity?

I have already paid my dues to society in the past, and walk out of the gutter like a boss.

There is nothing that they can do or tell me now to bother me or reverse my successes. They are sealed.

My books sell internationally every single day, and media companies as far as the African continent and Australia contracts me whenever their clients are in a crisis.

They need to wake up out of the fantasy world that they are dwelling in, and smell the coffee.

My income is not reliant on this country.

Dennis Adonis today is not the same Dennis Adonis that you thought you knew 8 years ago.

So if you want, go ahead and riddle the Guardian.

Guyanese people love bachannal, and they love to talk.

It can only make the Guardian more famous.