A larger number of Guyanese students and their Caribbean counterparts has done much better at this year’s CSEC examinations when compared to last year.

At a ceremony held in Grenada earlier today to reveal the collective results of this years CSEC, the Caribbean Examinations Council has presented figures which suggest that a larger number of students has done better at CSEC for 2018.

Among other things, the statistics showed an overall improved performance of 90% in most subjects, but Mathematics, as usual, continues to be a challenge for most students which became evident when a regional pass rate of just over 60% was revealed.

Spanish and other foreign languages also did not show much improvement which was reflected in the less than 60% overall pass rate.

Nonetheless, students have excelled in a number of other subject areas, and more students overall had passed several subjects, compared to the figures from last year.

While the performance for Grenada was the only data that was broken down, the examining body has since told this publication that as it relates to this country, the results were already handed over to Guyana’s Ministry of Education.

However, several local students and parents have contacted this publication all day to complain that the Ministry of Education here have not been updating the public as to exactly when the results for local students will be revealed.

The CXC has since said that CSEC students can access their individual results from Thursday the 16 August, and not the 13 August as was previously reported.