A 22-year-old young man who would have celebrated his 23rd birthday just a few days from now (22 February) died earlier this morning while trying to travel to Brazil via the Takutu Bridge.

While details on the how the man would have met his demise are currently sketchy, the Guyana Guardian understands that the young man whose name has been given as Rockie Pedro, fell from a moving vehicle that was transporting him along with others over the border bridge.

Other persons who had crossed the border bridge around the same time, told the Guyana Guardian that there was a horrific accident in which the young man was involved.

But interestingly, there are no reports that anyone else was injured or whether any vehicle was actually involved in the said accident.

News of the young Pedro’s death quickly sent shock waves throughout the Moruca community from which he hails.

While it is not clear on which demarcated side of the border bridge the young man would have met his demise, police in Guyana say that they are unaware of the young man’s death, while authorities on the Brazilian side of the border expressed some knowledge of the incident, but was adamant that the issue is being dealt with by the Guyana police.

The Takutu Bridge is the main road connection link between Brazil and Guyana, and usually accommodates hundreds of travelers between both countries on a weekly basis.

While reports of incidents there are rare, observers pointed out that because most of the occurrences are as a result of the travelers’ own negligence, much of it remains unreported.