Less than a few hours after a series of threats were made against the popular School of the Nations, a lone gunman cornered its owner Brian O’Toole in front of his Bel Air home, and fired several shots in his direction, hitting him at least thrice.

While details are sketchy, it is understood that at least one of the bullets penetrated his arm, splitting his bones in the process, while the others had hit him at other parts of the body.

He was rushed to a city hospital where he is currently undergoing emergency surgery.

The incident which occurred just around 10pm last night has sent shock waves throughout the education fraternity.

It remains unclear as to whether Mr. O’Toole was just returning home when the shooting occurred or whether he was called out of his house. But there are reports that he was shot in front of his doorway.

The school of the Nations has been rocked with a series of high profile issues in recent times, with allegations of organized occurrences of bullying and sexism, among other things.

Over the past five months at least two of its students had committed suicide.

Police were called into the school on Friday, after several online threats were made by anonymous persons, who reportedly promise to visit the school and massacre several persons and teachers.

It is understood that the individuals who had made the threats had also threatened to kill Mr. O’Toole, who is currently hospitalize with gunshot wounds.