Family Seeks Public’s Assistance – A West Demerara family who had to rebuild their home after it went up in flames just about four years ago, is now wondering how they will be able to rebuild for a third time, after another fire mysteriously burn their second home, flat to the ground.

The Guyana Guardian understands that the newly built house at lot 250 Sisters Village West Bank Demerara, went up in flames at about 9:30pm last night, at the exact same spot where the first house was also burnt by fire.

In the end, every piece of clothing, furniture and the structure settled down to nothing more than just burnt out ashes.

For the Duncan family of 8, the evening of the 5th of September will forever be buried in their minds.

According to some residents, they were in bed at the time of the fire, and only knew that something was amiss, after hearing the shouts of neighbors closer to the property.

They reasoned that the fire service arrived some 20-25 minutes after a call was made, and which was too late for them to save the property.

Many were at a loss as to what could have caused the fire, since none of the family members were home at the time, while others speculated that electrical wiring was a probable the cause of the combustion.

One of the affected family members, 20-year-old Nicolas Duncan, told this publication that he was at the airport at the time of the incident, when he received a call from someone at around 9:35pm, and who told him that the family home was on fire.

He added that the family is now left with nothing but the clothing that they had on their backs.

“It’s all gone”, he said in despair.

As a result of the loss of their home, the five adults and three children of the family are now seeking shelter in a small zinc-made structure, at the rear end of the land.

While the Duncan family are thankful for their lives, they will also be grateful for any assistance that they can receive from members of the public and civic organizations.