Guyana Guardian – Weather forecasters had predicted last Thursday that remnants of Hurricane Isaac were scheduled to hit parts of Jamaica on Saturday (yesterday).

But scientists are now saying that Isaac has disappeared into thin air by 5am Saturday morning, signalling the sudden death of the storm.

“We could no longer pick up anything at 5am on Saturday Morning. The storm just dissipated just like that”, says the US National Hurricane Center.

Jamaica was originally warned to prepare for the storm, with indications that it will be deadly, and would create flash floods among other things from the wee hours of Saturday.

The Jamaican government had activated its emergency systems from since Thursday, and had identified several shelters where citizens can take refuge if necessary, during the storm.

However, Jamaicans waited and waited, but no storm effects were felt on Saturday morning as was originally predicted.

By 9am, scientists would only say that the storm has disappeared.