A Crabwood Creek, Corentyne fisherman who felt that his wife was having an affair with one of his relatives , went into a fit of rage on New Years Day, and stripped her naked in front of the said relative before setting the family’s home ablaze.

The man, Shazam Silvanish, 31, has since fled and his whereabouts remains a mystery to the police and his wife Shaneeza Persaud, 27, who is now left with the daunting responsibility of providing for and maintaining the survival of their three kids, ages 9, and 4, along with an 18-month-old infant.

In an interview with the Guyana Guardian, the woman recalled that on New Year’s Day, herself and husband were at home relaxing when he decided to invite his cousin over to have a drink.

While imbibing, her intoxicated husband in the presence of his relative, began to level accusations of infidelity between her and the said cousin whose name was given as Nehaul.

During the accusation, her husband proceeded to strip her in the presence of his male relative and then beat her severely about the body.

Confused by her husband’s accusations and by what was transpiring, it is understood that his cousin Nehaul immediately abandon the drinking session and left, while Shazam continued to abuse his stripped wife.
Realizing that his cousin had left, the angry man then left in search of his cousin, while his cousin on the other hand decided to go back and rescue the woman. But since both men used different routes, they did not crossed paths.

When his cousin reach back at the house he learnt that Shazam had gone looking for him.

But while assisting the battered woman down the stairs, more drama unfolded, as they were greeted by the returning husband who took a cutlass and proceeded to beat the woman on her head and face before urging his cousin to take her away immediately, before he kills her.

She related that with some help from Nehaul, she took her children and ran for her life, while leaving her deranged husband in the house.

But a few minutes into her running away, she looked back and was shocked to see the house ablaze.

Fearing for her abusive husband’s life, she decided to go back to assist the seemingly endangered man, but was unaware that he had already fled to safety.

However, in the process of trying to save the already escaped man, the woman suffered injuries when a piece of wood from the burning door fell on her hand.

Eyewitnesses has since reported sightings of him fleeing the area.

The now homeless wife reiterated that her husband’s success in burning down the family home on New Year’s day was the culmination of many previous attempts.

Interestingly, it occurs almost every time the man returns from the sea, at which time he will consume alcohol and then accuse her of being unfaithful,before attempting to set fire to the house.

But in each case, she always manages to take control of the blaze which would often cause thousands of dollars in damages.

The police are investigating.