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Wife poked her husband’s eyes because he had too many other women

A Lot 32-35 ‘C-Field’, Sophia woman, whose common-law husband says that she had poked him in his eyes while accusing him of infidelity, appeared before Magistrate Jameela Ali on Monday at the Sparendaam Magistrates’ court to answer multiple charges.

According to the prosecution, the woman, Clairin Blair, went and visited friends on the 23 September, when she received information that her husband was seeing another woman in addition to the many other alleged side-chicks that he already has.

Angered by the news, it is understood that the woman hurried back home to confront her husband about his alleged increased infinitely.

It was during the confrontation that the woman poked her husband’s eyes with one of her fingers, in an effort to punish him.

The man in return told the court that he felt a lot of pain in his eyes when his wife poked them, hence he was caused to report the matter to the Turkeyen Police Station.

The woman was subsequently arrested.

But as if the poked-eye incident was not enough, the woman, after being bailed out of the lockups, allegedly went home and threatened her husband again.

This time, the court heard that on the 25 September, just before midnight, Ms. Blair unexpectedly pulled out a “jucker” (an ice pick) and threatened to kill her husband (Mr. Thomas) as soon as he fell asleep.

The man said, as a result, he became afraid to sleep, and thus made another report to the Turkeyen Police Station, which prompted the cops to lock her up again.

She was later charged and brought to court.

However, when Magistrate Ali read the allegations to MS. Blair and asked her to plea, the visibly distraught woman told the court “I am guilty”.

When asked if she had anything to say before sentencing, the woman lamented that her husband has driven her to a state of frustration, where she is now suffering from a mental breakdown.

She added that because the house belongs to her husband, he will frequently bring other women into the home, which they shared together, while reminding her that he can do whatever he wants in his house.

She lamented that she cannot take it anymore, and probably tripped. which caused her to do what she did.

She further added that they also have six children together and she is still breastfeeding the youngest child, who is one year old.

In her plea for mercy, she apologized to her husband and told the court that she was truly sorry for her actions.

However, Magistrate Ali told the woman that the court must impose a penalty because she should have found a better way to express herself (or her frustration).

She was then ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 or to serve five weeks in prison.

Additionally, she was also placed on a bond to keep the peace for one year; failing which she can be committed to jail.

But up to when court proceedings were about to end, the woman was still seen in custody, after failing to pay the fine.

On the other hand, her husband was still seen complaining to Police Prosecutor Gibbons, after the proceedings.

He claimed that his wife was also going around spreading false stories about him.

He added that at one point, she had even insinuated that he had ‘interfere’ with one of their daughters.

5 Comments on "Wife poked her husband’s eyes because he had too many other women"

  1. She needs to become Independent find something of interest,job look for somewhere else to live,he has no respect 😛

  2. Jennifer Peterson | 2017-10-06 at 4:30 pm | Reply

    The judge had not taken this woman’s feelings into consideration. It is clear that they have only responded to the crime committed but not what lead up to this level of frustration. Furthermore, they bear no understanding to the fact that the woman could be suffering from post natal depression and anxiety. She has 6 children and living with a manipulative, selfish man who has no positive regard for her as a person or her welbeing. He willingly has sex in the family home even after she is expected to breast feed his baby/infant off spring whilst he knowingly and openly displays no commitment to her or his children. However, like most woman she has no where else to go ti start a new life independently. Almost a life of doom and gloom which one day could lead to murder. At no point was this man reprimanded for his conduct that say a lot about the lack of respect for women even in the judicial system in Guyana. This is why the men remain uneducated and stay with the slave mentality when judges endorse their slackness. This women is being over punished the man and the judge are wicked and both need lessons in equality, foolishness!!

  3. Salema Hassan | 2017-10-06 at 5:56 pm | Reply

    He had Many woman but that shouldn’t be nothe way to punish him when one door closes The other open

  4. What he is doing to the Woman I not right in understand her situation but I think she should move on with her life … Its gonna be hard because of the kids but it’s gonna worth it in the end

  5. Diana Lorimer | 2017-10-07 at 1:50 am | Reply

    so glad one woman had the courage to do something about situations like that…they have no respect for the wife…I don’t know why they get married.except for their own benefit..some of them put the wives through hell with the whores.

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