Almost three weeks ago, when 60-year-old Samuel Pargass left his home and waved his wife goodbye, little did she know that it was the last time she would have seen him, at least up to now.

After all, since the man had left his Tain, Corentyne home on the 20th September for a light stroll, he was not seen (by her) or heard from again.

According to the man’s 58-year-old wife, Surujbei Pargass, on the day in question, after taking his usual breakfast, her husband put on his cap and slippers, and headed out of the house.

But she immediately objected to him leaving because the sun was too hot, at the time.

However, he was not moved by her protest, and simply went away.

Since it was not unusual for him to go out, the woman explained that she was not really worried about anything else except the sweltering temperature which she surmised to be too unwelcome for his age.

Nonetheless, she forcibly set aside her concerns, and later left the home also to go on an errand, after preparing lunch in anticipation of her husband’s return.

But the woman said after spending some time out of the house, she returned home and saw evidence that her husband (presumably ) had returned earlier and ate his lunch, but had left the house again.

She added that while his leaving the house again was somewhat unusual, she only became worried when evening came, and the man did not return home.

Realizing that something was wrong, Mrs. Pargass told the Guyana Guardian that herself and several members of the community formed a search party which took them to Albion on the east and down to Manchester in the west, but there was no sign of her husband.

And even though the man was not a drinker, the search party still also went through several rum shops and bars, but the results were the same.

Ever since, Mrs. Pargass said that the only information that was forthcoming since her husband’s disappearance, were alerts from the public that he was sighted here and there.

She referred to callers claiming to see him in front of a business place at Albion more than two weeks ago, and then again at number 55 Village up to about a week ago.

But on each occasion, when they turned up at the location where the callers had claimed to have seen him, there was no sight of him there.

Reiterating that they have been together for almost 40 years, and have two grown children that live apart from them, the woman is adamant that he would not knowingly leave her side just like that.

She is now wondering whether he is experiencing any memory issues and is probably somewhere struggling to remember who may be and where he lives.

Her thoughts on this are supported by her claims surrounding his recent medical checks ups and a complete change in his behavior.

According to Mrs. Pargass, in recent times, her husband became quiet, and simply did not speak to anyone, including her.

The distraught woman explained that he would only answer if she asked him a question, but would simply sit all day in an eerily quiet state.

As a result, she was forced to take him to a psychiatrist who prescribed some medication, while telling her that everything is ok.

But now that her husband cannot be found, she is beginning to think otherwise, while hoping that he will be found alive and well.

She is now pleading with any member of the public who may have any sighting or any information relating to her husband to kindly contact her on telephone numbers 337-1619 or 612-8973 or 650-4935.