Guardian Observation – At about 12:20 mid-day last Friday, with no pavement to walk on, an eight-year-old schoolchild who was battling among a fleet of moving vehicles for walking space, was struck down by one of those very vehicles on North Road, Georgetown.

But strangely enough, the driver eased himself away before anyone realized that they should have documented the number.

The child who suffered injuries to his right knee and right hand screamed repeatedly for his parents, as another passing female motorist who was right behind the delinquent driver and saw what had happened, quickly exited her vehicle and carefully helped him up.

I was attending to some business a few buildings away and immediately ran to the scene praying that nothing life threatening is facing the child.

As I approached I noticed a few bananas that the poor child had just bought and was eating, probably for his lunch, was thrown all over the roadway.

The woman who helped him up later identified herself as a medical doctor (spiritually strange that she was right there) and thus made a quick assessment of the child’s injuries.
Though it did not seem life-threatening (because he was mostly struck on the right hand and thereafter fell on his knee) she determined that he should be taken to the hospital immediately for a more detailed examination.

In the process, she called a number that the child had provided to her and then lifted him into her SUV with the assistance of an observing vendor and they both took the child to the hospital.

Members of the public who were in the vicinity immediately began to lay blame at the person or persons who had taken it upon themselves to block the entire northern pavement on North Road with a long patch of implanted white poles and connecting ropes.

Because of this encumbrance, they lamented that pedestrians (especially school children) have nowhere else to walk, except in the middle of the road, since there is practically no pavement on the southern side of that road either.

Many motorists also explain that because there is no pavement area on North Road, particularly between Camp Street and Vlissengen Road, a number of school children are risking their lives every day for walking space among the many vehicles that shuttle through that thoroughfare.

Hence, while reflecting on the injuries that one of those children had to suffer moments ago, many of the residents and regular users of North Road are beginning to wonder “who is the Jackass that came up with this idea” – to create both a parking problem and a pedestrian usage problem along that city street.

Was it Royston King, Patricia Chase-Green, the Councillors of Georgetown, David Patterson, or some other bright boy at the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, who was capable enough to cause the State to waste millions of dollars on this nonsense that is only designed to kill school children?

For most observers, the northern pavement of the road should have been developed and reinforce with an anti-erosion structure along the canal, so that pedestrians can at least have a safe zone within which they can walk.

Since it serves as the main connecting thoroughfare for children attending school in the area, and is embraced by the Bourda Market and the Merriman’s shopping mall, North Road has one of the highest pedestrian traffic ratios in the city.

A number of unreported minor accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians are said to be a regular occurrence along that roadway, each week.

About the Author: Dennis E. Adonis is an investigative writer at the world’s most powerful news blog – the Huffington Post, and also serves as the Editor in Chief at the Guyana Guardian. He has written more than 20 published books.