Knowing that Granger is stuck with cancer treatment abroad and believing that there might be the possibility of disenchantment within the APNU-AFC coalition government, opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo has reportedly filed a no-confidence motion in the national assembly today seeking to swiftly remove David Granger and his Administration from power.

He confirmed at a press conference today that he had filed the motion and is actively pursuing it.

If the opposition leader’s motion is successful, it will immediately trigger an immediate end to the term of the APNU-AFC government, and would require the almost-immediate calling of new general elections.

President Granger is currently in Cuba receiving treatment after he was diagnosed with Cancer. He is expected to remain in Cuba for as much as two more weeks, and now risk returning to Guyana as a President going out of office.

While many persons have lamented that the opposition leader should not have done this at such a sensitive time, and at a period when the President is still undergoing treatment, observers have opined that the opposition leader has made a strategic move, since all he would require now is one absent or defecting parliamentarian from the AFC or APNU to remove the current government from power.

Many APNU supporters are now calling on the Administration to reign in its parliamentarians and try to investigate what other factors could have caused Bharrat Jagdeo to suddenly decide to file a motion, which would have certainly face defeat if the President was in Guyana to keep his cabinet and parliamentarians in line.

Bharrat Jagdeo is claiming that even though a successful motion can result in Granger and his government being shifted out of power, his interest is not power, but is intended to reign in the government for excessive borrowing and taxation.