Following the shocking collapse of the APNU+AFC Government last night, which came as a result of a no-confidence motion that was brought by opposition leader Bharrat Jagdeo and supported by dissenting AFC Parliamentarian Charandass Persaud, general elections are now scheduled to be held by 20 March, a mere three months from now.

However, the opposition leader says that he wants to sit down with outgoing President David Granger and let the two of them discuss the way forward. He added that initial discussions were already held with Minister of State Joseph Harmon, to whom he had expressed his desire to meet with the President.

While Jagdeo did not elaborate on what he meant by ‘the way forward”, observers are of the view that considering the fact that the APNU+AFC government have collapsed and must leave office in 90 days, they would require the approval of the People’s Progressive Party – PPP, if they want to remain in office any longer, pass any majority-required bill, or postpone the deadline for new elections.

While this may be so, Jagdeo did not indicate if he will be inclined to go to parliament and give the APNU+AFC more time or even consider the rescheduling of the elections for later than March 2019.

Nonetheless, it is believed that some concessions may be possible, depending on how any planned meeting with Granger goes.