Guyana Guardian – Hurricane Isaac which is now a tropical depression is expected to partially lash Jamaica heavily tomorrow after narrowly missing Dominica, and Haiti among a few other Islands in the Greater Antilles, where it still managed to pound with heavy rains, causing some damages, even though the hurricane itself did not hit either of the islands.

The US Hurricane Centre is now cautioning Jamaicans to prepare themselves since Isaac can be deadly, as it is expected to bring flash floods and uproot trees among things.

Earlier today (Friday) Hurricane trackers have placed Isaac at approximately 195 miles south-southeast of St. Croix, and pointed out that it is heading close to Jamaica at maximum sustained winds at some 40 Mph.

Even though the Island may not be directly hit, forecasters predicted that the mere trimmings of the storm will be enough to uproot trees, dismantle homes, and damage power lines among other things, on the Island.

For now, forecasters are hoping that Isaac would somehow divert itself further away from the Island.

Otherwise, residents, especially those on Jamaica’s coastline are urged to brace themselves for the worse.