Jamaican artistes to sue GTT and Promoter over botched ‘Pinktober’ show

Kingston, Jamaica; – Arguing that their names were commercially used to promote the company’s Pinktober drive, and not being remunerated for it, a string of Jamaican artistes have told the Guyana Guardian that they are now contemplating filing a lawsuit against local telephone company GTT and an event organizer over a recent dancehall show which did not materialize because of still unexplained circumstances.

According to female Jamaican dancehall sensation Pamputae, her management had agreed for her to perform in Guyana under the impression that they were being hired by GTT to perform at the Pinktober event.

She lamented that even radio adverts and flyers had given the impression that the promoter for the event was GTT, while a local entertainment agency was just the technical organizer.

However, after they had arrived and were beginning to experience several issues with the organizer, whom they claimed had subsequently disappeared,  it is only then that they realize that something was amiss.

“De promoter lie to we, … hunno hear wah me a seh. Him lie. Cause him first seh a de big phone company GTT in Guyana a link we up feh perform here. Hunno hear me. And when we come bout here yah so, him a chat a whole bag a different thing, which a tell me seh it neva go so from de start. Hunno hear me?”, reasoned the bewildered artiste.

Her other colleagues including QQ also expressed the same sentiments.

“De man him come bout and a gwan tell we one bag a thing how him have de money fuh de show. Hunno hear me. And when we reach a Guyana, me a tell you is a whole bag a different thing; cause me neva see him again since him leggo we at de hotel. Jah done reveal seh him did gwan go collect de people dem ticket money feh de show by using we name, heh, and still not even a likkle wata feh drink or a likkle food him nah lef pan we. Hunno hear me?” said an equally disturbed QQ.

The performers added that they had to contact their management agencies and families respectively back in Jamaica, in order to get monies transferred to Guyana so that they can eat, since they were starving.

Practically left in a hungered state, the artistes explained that they made efforts to locate the promoter to secure their per diem ( a small allowance from $20 upwards that is usually given by promoters to performers and their entourage to buy food), but the main promoter kept saying that he was on his way. But never arrived.

They lamented that after not finding the promoter, they made efforts to get food from GTT, as they were in Guyana since Thursday and were hungry, but no one at the local phone company was willing to help them with a meal.

They stressed that their experience in Guyana has been one of the most degrading and embarrassing episode in their entertainment career.

While apologizing to fans, the artistes say that they were even inclined to end up performing for free so as to avoid disappointing members of the public, who had gone to see them on stage. But even then, the organizer never spoke back to them, or advise them on how to get to the venue.

In spite of this, they still remain eager to return to Guyana and do a show for their fans, if a credible promoter can step up to fill the void.

That aside, they plan to consult with a local lawyer this week, in an effort to recover their losses from the Pinktober event.