For the third time this year, High Court Judge Navindra Singh is being accused of being involved in a street brawl. But this time, a city businessman is accusing the Judge of pointing a gun to his head while addressing him as a ‘black dog’, and threatening to kill him.

The incident which occurred on Tuesday in front of several persons, has now left the businessman, who is Afro-Guyanese pondering on the racial impartiality of the Judge who did not shy away from demonstrating how he feels about “black people”.

In an interview with the Guyana Guardian earlier today, the Charlotte Street businessman who is Afro-Guyanese, explained that on Tuesday, after delivering goods to a hotel in Albertown, he proceeded to Vlissengen Road where he was almost hit by the High Court judge, who apparently was not paying attention to the traffic regulations.

He claimed that the judge subsequently stopped his vehicle, exited, and started to hurl racial remarks against him.

“I thinking that this man gonna come out of his vehicle and apologise. Instead, he called me a ‘black dog’ and ask me if I stupid and I actually left stupid.” the businessman said.

He added that when he cautioned him about his behaviour, the judge returned to his vehicle and pulled a weapon, threatening to kill him if he continues to argue.
“I tell he seh you bluffing brother man, you bluffing I want you shoot me and kill me in front of all these people and he drove away.” he noted.

Not being pleased with the way the Judge handled him, the businessman said that catch up with the Judge again a little further up the road at another traffic stop, and demanded an apology.
The Judge allegedly pulled out his weapon again on him, forcing the businessman to let the Judge know that he was going to the police.
But that did not bother the judge who allegedly responded by saying “go to whoever the f**k you want, I can kill you dead right here”.

The businessman expressed disappointment over the fact that the judge could have just apologised for his mistake and move on.
“He look drunk all too because this man was literally driving like he was late. This man cussing me calling me a black dog and he could barely get out he vehicle. I want this matter meet to the authorities it isn’t right.” The businessman stated.

He added that a report was made to the Albertown Police Station, while another report was also made to the Judicial Service Commission.

Only recently, Justice Singh was involved in another street altercation with Ms. Savitri Singh, the wife of CN Sharma, with whom he had a physical exchange.

It is understood that Ms. Singh subsequently had to slap the Judge in his face, resulting in his glasses becoming broken.

That matter was reported to the police, and no update has bee forthcoming in its regard. But it is widely believed that the matter was settled.

There are also several complaints before the Judicial Service Commission regarding the Judge, who is still sitting in the High Court.