By Odella Patterson

(Guyana Guardian) – Norma Robertson, a Vigilance squatting area landlady that is seemingly wary of her daughter-in-law, who also happens to be her tenant, decided that it will be great idea to probably let a little more sunshine into the young woman’s life.

Hence, on the 26 of August 2016, which happened to be a warm sunning day, Robertson went to the dwelling of her tenant Phoenix Small and removed six zinc sheets from the roof of the small cottage much to the annoyance of the young woman.

Magistrate Zamilla Ally-Seepaul, who was presiding over the case, further heard that this resulted in the tenant and her belongings becoming exposed to the glaring heat of the sun for several hours, plus having to content with an unfriendly weather during the night.

According to police prosecutor Corporal Sherlock King, the accused and the tenant, who is also a daughter in law of the accused, are embroiled in a series of squabbles, and are also constantly fighting over Robertson’s son, who is also in a common law union with Small.

The prosecutor stressed that the problem seems to be a continuous episode since police discovered that after the accused was arrested and charge for the current roof removal offence, she still went back to the property and proceeded to remove wood from the walls of the said structure.

He added that Robertson is likely to face more charges for damage to property upon her next Court appearance.

However after reviewing the facts before the court, Magistrate Zamilla Ali placed Robertson, a mother of eight children, on a bond to keep the peace, in addition to $10,000 bail.

The matter will be called again at the Vigilance Magistrate’s court on the 6th October, 2016.