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List of internationally accredited offshore universities in the Caribbean


(Updated: 20th June 2017) – Pursuing a medical degree is a growing aspiration for many young people worldwide; especially if their desire is to become a medical doctor or some other medical professional.

But even though those aspirations may be there, the increased competition for admission seats and the generally stringent academic requirements for entry into most of the well-established universities can often make the pursuing of a genuine medical degree, a very elusive dream.

Therefore, most parents and determined prospective medical students would often resort to attending private offshore universities, since the admission requirements at these types of universities are usually more flexible, while their tuition fees are generally more affordable.

And while a reasonable amount of students were able to fulfill their dreams of becoming an internationally qualified medical professional via a few private offshore universities; there are hundreds of others whose money and dreams were lost to some of these very universities, whose ultimate desire was to deprive them of their hard earned money in any case.

As a matter of fact, at least two offshore universities are established every month worldwide, and can operate from a very simple building to a very elaborate campus facility, along with an amazing website and accreditation claims to woo unsuspecting students.

Offering degrees that ranges from a basic bachelors’ to a seemingly impressive doctorate; thousands of students have lost their monies to diploma mills and universities that are granting bogus degrees that are worth nothing more than the piece of paper that the degree is printed on.

Moreover, it is widely believed that for 2016 alone,  international students would have lost just around US$250 million to more than 300 unrecognized universities that operate from various countries around the world.

And while the Caribbean may seem like one of the least places on earth from where a money-hungry bogus university might be operating, you might be surprised to know that more than 70% of the offshore universities that are operating in this part of the world are mostly unrecognized degree mills.

In other words, even though the Caribbean (and Latin America) is estimated to have more than eighty registered offshore universities, only a handful of them are actually academically safe and internationally recognized by the international medical fraternity.

As a result of this, the Guyana Guardian has been repeatedly pressed by international students to publish an independent list of offshore universities whose medical degrees are actually internationally recognized.

As such,  with the assistance of the US Department of Education, several international medical boards and education monitoring agencies; our publication conducted a thorough evaluation of every offshore university that is operating within the Caribbean and Latin America, and was able to establish a listing of those that are actually internationally recognized for the offering of medical degrees.

And even though, we are still reviewing most of the institutions on our list, we have decided to commence the publication of those that we have already analyzed, and will keep adding any other that is appropriately accredited and deserving to be on our 2017 list.

But if you are planning to pursue a medical degree at a Caribbean or Latin American university that is not on this list, then you should be mindful of the possibility that degrees from that institution may not be internationally recognized.

So, for your information and guidance, here is the interim list (for 2017) of internationally recognized medical degree-granting universities in the Caribbean and Latin America.


1 – St. George’s University School of Medicine – Grenada

St. Georges University is arguably one of the most prestigious medical universities in the Caribbean.

It was established by an act of Grenada’s parliament since 1972, and is fully recognized by the US Department of Education under Federal School Code 22333, in addition to several Health Boards across the United States, and elsewhere.


2 – Ross University School of Medicine – Dominica

Like St. Georges University, Ross University is also an internationally recognized medical university in the Caribbean whose degrees are equally recognized in the United States.

A subsidiary of the US owned DeVry University, Ross remains one of the most credible medical training provider in the Caribbean region


3 – American University of the Caribbean –  Sint Marteen

Founded by American educator Dr. Paul Tien in 1978, and also owned by DeVry Inc, the American University of the Caribbean offers a number of medical degree programs that are mostly recognized because of its intituional affiliation to the Devry University and Ross University, among others.

However, though this university has at least six campuses in other locations, students must not be confused with a university that is operating with the same name out of Haiti.

The AUC university in Haiti is not accredited.


4 – NOTE: We are still evaluating others to determine whether they deserve to be added to this list.

Therefore, it will be advisable for you to keep checking this post (up to July 2017) for an updated list.

Otherwise, you can submit an inquiry to: regarding an institution that is not on this list.

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