Motorists, members of the public, pregnant mothers, patients, and pensioners who uses the Melanie Cinema Road (ECD), are now at their wits end, after a man decided to literally construct a fence on the public road, leaving no pavements for persons to walk, if they are visiting the Melanie Health Centre or the National Insurance Scheme in the area.

Most of the patients, senior citizens, and residents are now forced to compete with motorists for walking space much to their detriment, – a factor that was evident on Wednesday when a pregnant woman was brushed by an approaching car.

When the Guyana Guardian arrived at the location just after mid-day on Wednesday, workers were busy casting a large area of the government reserve, which is about the size of a house lot, and had already implanted steelworks which is intended to serve as the supporting posts for a concrete fence at the edge of the road.

As a result, vehicles are now required to pass the area using one and a half lane, since there is no space remaining for two.

A bridge with high-rising sides that stretches unto the road was also there, making it difficult for any member of the public to actually use the parapet freely.

Observers are now appalled at the fact that the man was actually fencing-off the government reserve, and the public road, and is questioning who in this whole country could have permitted him to build a fence on the public road.

However, the man is maintaining that he paid (bribed) an official who is connected to the Buxton-Foulis NDC Chairman, who give him the go-ahead to fence-off the main road (sic).

When this publication put the allegation that the man had made to Chairman of the Buxton-Foulis NDC, Mr Forbes Abraham, he denied any knowledge of what the man was speaking about, and assured that he will be taking a team to the location to investigate and confront the man about the bribery allegation almost immediately.

“We are heading there this morning with a team”, he said on Thursday.

But after reporters from this publication and another newscast waited for almost the entire day (8 hours), Mr Abraham or his team did not show up.

Efforts to contact him thereafter proved futile, while email messages were no longer being answered.

At least one re-migrant who lives in the area have told this publication that the Chairman’s failure to show up has now left a lot to the public’s imagination, as she is now forced to believe the allegation made by the man; – which is that he had paid money ‘under the table’ so that a blind eye can be turned upon his illegal construction.

When the matter was drawn to the attention of the RDC Office at Triumph, an official there immediately cast the blame for the infraction at the feet of the Buxton-Foulis NDC, while lamenting that she will bring the matter to the attention of the RDC Chairman last Friday.

But up to press time today, there was no word as to whether any action has been taken as it relates to the construction of the fence on the public road.