A minibus conductor who created a raucous at the West Bank bus park this morning over $200 (0.95 cents US) that was supposedly due to him, is now dead after an argument for the same $200 turned violent.

Information reaching this publication stated that the 22-year-old conductor, whose only name was given as Nicholas, and described as very confrontational individual, was involved in an argument at around 10am this morning with a Route 31 (West Bank Demerara) driver over $200.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver who has been described as a ‘Rasta man”, became upset and picked up a beer boor in addition to a knife, and threatened the conductor.

Infuriated by the threat, the conductor (Nicholas) ran towards a nearby fruit and vegetable stand to collect a cutlass that was hidden in the corner.
He then attempted to face his opponent but was confronted by friends who confiscated the weapon.

Assuming that the conductor was out to get him, witnesses say that Rasta man” ceased the opportunity to move in while the conductor was being restraint by his friends, and immediately stabbed him several times all over his body.

It is said that Nicolas then quickly fell to the ground, and was gasping for breath, before being taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

“Rasta Man” who witnesses say was driving a sky blue pitbull bus at the time subsequently fled the scene.

The police is currently investigating the matter.

EDITORS NOTE (Correction): – Family members of Nicolas have told this publication that the young man is currently in an unconscious state, and did not die as was reported above. Therefore, readers should note that the victim has survived the attack and did not die as is stated above.