Within minutes of an article being published in the online edition of the Guyana Guardian yesterday, more than twenty persons have contacted this publication over a three-hour period to provide information relevant to the identity of the man in the article, while another has identified the young man.

According to several concerned members of the public, the homeowner highlighted in the article is Akash Narine, who lives on the village bus route in Plaisance.
At least one person has provided a photo of the man’s house, while seven persons have provided well-detailed statements of his address in the village.

This publication was trying to reach out to Narine since yesterday in connection with a video that was posted on social media, and in which he had confronted a young man who was squatting in his unfinished house at Providence New Scheme.

In the video, Narine was highlighting the fact that he had built his house at Providence New Scheme, but was not occupying it because there is still more work to be done.
However, after deciding to check on his property some three weeks later, he found that a young man (average to be about 18-years-old) was squatting at his place.

Narine displaying the employer ID of the trespassing young man, who can be seen in the background in a despair position.

Several bags with clothing that had belonged to the young man was visible in the video in which the young man had indicated that he had nowhere to sleep, and was taking refuge on the floor of the house.

Narine had revealed the young man’s name based upon a Qualfon employee ID that he was carrying, and had questioned him about a broken bedroom door lock and two broken louvres window glass.

The video ended with Narine advancing towards the teen with a piece of wood.

As a result of the video which went viral, several persons felt that the young man probably needed a place to sleep, and had therefore decided to assist him.

An offer was also made by this publication’s outgoing Editor-in-Chief Dennis Adonis, to compensate the homeowner for the damage done by the young man, and had even publicly offered the young man a job.
However, the homeowner was called upon to share any information that he can provide about the whereabouts of the teen, since the police have said that they never received any reports from Narine.

But up to press time this morning, the homeowner has not come forward.

However, two men, in separate conversations with this publication yesterday, in addition to a third on social media have told the Guardian that they are friends of the homeowner and that the kid was fine and had returned to his family.
They further pressed that the matter was settled between the man and the lad’s family and that all is well now.
But after promising to provide a number within a few minutes for the young man’s relatives in addition to a number for the homeowner, in order to confirm what they were saying, none of the three persons were heard from again.

Another poster on social media had also commented that the boy was ok. But we were unable to confirm the credibility of these claims.

Even so, most people do not believe that the boy is in any danger, but wants the police to look into the matter.

As such, a senior officer at police headquarters, who does not have permission to speak with the press, have nonetheless told this publication that the police would have like to speak with Narine, so that the issue can be properly put to rest.

He explained that it is solely up to a property owner to report any incidence of trespassing that may have occurred. But if there is a case of vigilante justice or any other confrontation that may have caused injury or other infractions to the parties concerned, the police have a right to investigate, even without a complaint.

“But as it is, there is currently no known missing person report that fits the physical attributes of the young man in the video at this time, hence we just can’t go arresting people willy-nilly. But considering the public outcry over the incident, and with no information forthcoming about the whereabouts of the young man in the video, it will certainly be in Mr Narine’s own interest to reach out to the police. We would like to talk to him” he exclaimed.