A man who allegedly took out his anger on a motor vehicle because he has an issue with its owners is currently on trial at the Sparendaam Magistrates Court for damaging the said vehicle.

The accused man, Rahman Rasul who was charged with the offense last year, appeared before Magistrate Alisha George on Monday, before whom the husband and wife complainants, Ravindra Mohammed and Shivanna Mohammed, took their respective turns on the stand, to give evidence against Rasul.

The court heard that on Sunday 13th November 2016 at around 14:50hrs, the Mohammed’s along with their daughter was visiting Shivana’s sister who lives at Lot 14 Mon Repos East Coast Demerara.

However, while driving towards the location within a street, Ravindra observed that the roadway was blocked by a pick-up truck that is owned by Rasul who lives about two houses before Mohammed’s sister-in-law.

As a result, the complainant explained that he then made a request for the defendant to reposition or move his pickup so that he can pass; but the man allegedly refused to do same; and proceeded to make a false report to the police via telephone instead, which suggested that there was an accident.

However, after the police had arrived and realized that there was no accident, the lawmen decided to escort both parties to the Beterverwagting Police Station for questioning.

As part of the process, a Breathalyzer test was administered and Mr. Mohammed who admitted before the test that he had a few beers failed the said test and was arrested before being placed on $40,000 station bail.

After bail was granted Mr. Mohammed was then cautioned not drive the vehicle, and to which he complied.

As a result, Shivana took the wheel and drove back to the same location at Mon Repos to pick up her daughter, who was left with her sister since the police had requested that the couple visit the police station.

But after reaching the same location of the first incident, and briefly stopping to allow another vehicle to pass, the complainants claimed that Mr. Rasul used that opportunity to rush out of his yard with a 4-feet-long 2×4 piece of wood, with which he used to repeatedly hit the driver side of the windshield.

upon witnessing the man’s alleged actions, Shivana and her daughter began to scream in fear; – an occurrence that promptly forced her husband Ravindra to exit the vehicle and confront Rasul while telling him that he is taking advantage of his family.

But Rasul allegedly told him “is you a want’ and tried to pursue him with the 2×4 while throwing lashes which missed and landed at different points on the vehicle instead, thus creating more damages.

The virtual complainants further told the court that as a result, there were damages to the front windshield, the back window, and the right light of their vehicle, which is a Toyota RAV 4.

When asked by Prosecutor S. Jupiter about the estimated cost of the damages, the husband and wife team told the court that the total damages are tabulated to be about $168,000.

After the couple had given their evidence, Mr. Rasul was caused to cross-examine them; and had suggested during that period that Mr. Mohammed was really the one who started the verbal attack on him and had also ran him into his yard with the said piece of wood before he defended himself. But Mohammed denied this.

The matter has been adjourned to the 15th December 2017.