Another tragedy has hit home in Berbice, where a series of gruesome and untimely deaths have been occurring over the past few days.

This time, a Corentyne family is struggling to come to grips with the news that one of their loved ones has been crushed by the tractor that he was operating.

The Guyana Guardian understands that at about 10am yesterday, 21-year-old Alvin Dubaria, called ‘tiger dog’ of 65 Kilmarnock, Corentyne, was operating a tractor in a rice crop back dam in a Philippi, Corentyne, when the tractor reportedly toppled and pin him to his death.

It is understood that portion of the man’s skull was crushed.

According to Heera Nauth, who is Dubaria’s employer and the owner of the tractor, the young man was operating one of his two tractors on the fateful day of the incident, while was operating the other.

The rice farmer explained that the young man went ahead of him with his assigned tractor to the backlands, which was not unusual.

He explained that he followed shortly after with a few of his other workers, only to discover Dubaria’s tractor toppled on him, with only the young man’s hands and feet upwards, while his head and the remainder of his body was pinned beneath the machine.

The young man had been working as a tractor operator for five years, and was to have had a considerable amount of experience when it comes to its operation.

Back at the young man’s home, his relatives were visibly overcome with grief.

Dubaria’s sister, one of two other siblings, related that she was shaken by the news of her brother’s demise.

She told this publication that after hearing what had transpired, she immediately went to the Police Station where a report was made, resulting in several ranks proceeding to the back dam and subsequently brought out her brother’s body.

Police investigations are ongoing