Georgetown; – Patrick Kissoon called ‘Pato’, a man whose whereabouts the Guyana Police Force has been seeking in connection with the disappearance of an East Bank Demerara woman may very well be hiding out in comfort at the Venezuelan border village of San Martin de Turumban.

While details are sketchy, a foreign media operative covering the area for an international wildlife publication had told the Guyana Guardian yesterday (Wednesday 25 January) that a Guyanese small-time boat operator that is residing in the Turumban border village, and who had handled transport for their team that was filming a section of the Cuyuni, had indicated that a man whom he was familiar with from the East Bank Demerara district might be wanted for the disappearance of a Guyanese woman.

The man in question had earlier asked the one of the team members for employment after being introduce by the boater, and is said to have fitted the description of the fugitive that Guyanese police are trying to locate.

Interestingly, the Guyana Police Force had issued a wanted bulletin for the man and his reputed wife Ritesha Rahaman called ‘Tesha’ on Tuesday, since they believe that both parties can assist them in their investigations into the disappearance of 37 year old Shonette Savory at Herstelling, EBD.

Savory, who had hailed from Last Street Prospect, East Bank Demerara, was last seen on the 28 August 2016, after she had reportedly left to pay some bills.

The woman’s relatives have since presumed that she is dead, prompting the police to follow several leads into her disappearance, including unearthing the concrete flooring of a shack that was owned by Patrick Kissoon, with whom she was said to be friendly with.

However, in despite of the police’s efforts to question him, the man has kept himself in hiding, thus making it impossible for investigators to bring closure to the case.

A police wanted bulletin had stated that Kissoon is of East Indian ethnicity, and was living at the Herstelling Sea Dam area on the East Bank of Demerara, before he fled.

While no height or other physical attributes were provided in the police bulletin, the East Indian man that was sighted in Venezuela is said to had lived around the same East Bank area before showing up in Turumban; is about 5ft 10 inches tall, slim built, and weights about 130 to 140 lbs.