The Guyana Guardian has recently received reports from a family member of 16-year-old Parbattie Lakhpal also called Rosann, who was murdered allegedly at the hands of her estranged boyfriend Ryan Singh,  that the main suspect has been caught at Nickerie, Suriname a few moments ago.

Apart from the family member, the police have also indicated that the Commander and a party of policemen are currently on their way to Springlands to collect the suspect from the Surinamese authorities who will be shuttling him over shortly via the river border by boat.

He is expected to be in Guyanese police custody within the next hour or so.

About two weeks ago, the Guyana Guardian had reported that the police are working on the theory that the 16-year-old teen had died at the hands of Singh, who allegedly sliced her throat after he became enraged by photo compliments that the teen had received from her friends on the Facebook social media platform.

Many persons from the area where the murder occurred and who knew the couple had claimed that the accused murderer was a very violent, insecure and controlling person, who uses to repeatedly beat the teen, often as a result of her social-networking tendencies.

However, while the teen had initially denied these occurrences when questioned by her mother, the woman was still worried that something was amiss.

In spite of her daughter’s denial, the uneasy mother subsequently discovered that the man was definitely threatening and physically abusing her daughter, thus prompting her to throw him out of the downstairs apartment that she had allowed him to occupy with the teen.

However, the man is said to have returned three days later and pounced upon the teen while she was babysitting two children, and brutally murdered her after sending the children away.

Her body was subsequently discovered with her throat slit by the children’s mother and a brother who had gone to investigate the report that the children had brought.

Since the teen’s demise, the man had gone into hiding, until he was caught today.

The victim was buried less than a week later at an emotional funeral which saw the rain forcing her family to cancel her cremation in place of a burial at the Reliance Cemetery.