Two strange men who were walking around the Number Two village in Canje, Berbice on Friday last, and claiming to be GWI workers, caused a great deal of concern since they could not produce any Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) ID, thus prompting residents to call in the police.

Upon the cops arrival, the men were unable to properly identify themselves, resulting in the police taking them into custody.

The Guyana Guardian understands that the men were taken in a police patrol vehicle to the Central Police station in New Amsterdam where they were processed, and contact made with GWI.

However, residents are claiming that the number that was called was provided by the men who directed the police to call a specific person.

It is understood that the person on the phone identified themselves to the police as the Clerk of Works at GWI, who told them that the men were indeed employees of the utility company.

However, the person could not say why neither of the men had any company ID.

Nonetheless, after the telephone conversation, this publication understand that the men were immediately released.

The Canje area has been hit with a number of robberies over the past few months, and residents there are claiming that the robberies are often carried out by men who either identify themselves as utility company workers or claim association with some other government entity, before unsuspectingly attacking them.

They are calling on the relevant authorities to ensure that their personnel carries official company ID’s with their photos, name, and position clearly stated on the document.