(Guardian Inspire) – Today, a lot of women in Guyana and across the world would be celebrating Mothers Day.

But for some other women, the loss of their child or their only child, would make Mothers Day a painful and unwanted day for them to celebrate motherhood.

And one woman’s experience would certainly force us to agree that she probably has no existing reason to celebrate.

The picture above this post is of her dying 4-year-old child, Nolan Scully, as he lay on a bathroom floor waiting for her while she showers.

Death was stalking him so close, that he refused to leave his mother’s side, as he pleads with her to save him.

But what can a mother do, when life has given her only child no other option than to face the grim reaper, even at such a tender and innocent age?

To put it into context, what would you do, if you learned that your one and only child has less than a few months to live?

What would you do?

For years, many child psychologists have repeatedly define motherhood as one of the most challenging, and complex stage of an adult woman’s life.

Whether it is from the stage of conception or from the stage of taking responsibility as a guardian for a child; – motherhood comes with a complete package of challenges that will practically last a woman for a lifetime.

And while mothers have always found a way to solve and face up to the various life issues that would often confront their children, no mother can sleep peacefully knowing that their child has an appointment with death next week or next month.

Moreover, no mother is ever prepared to bury her child.

For sure, mothers will always do whatever it takes to save their child from a dying bed.

But what can you do, when your dying child begs you to save them, but even so, there is nothing that you can do to save your child from certain death.

If you ask me, I will tell you that the story of Ruth Scully, the mother of Nolan Scully, is a fine example of the dozens of other similarly painful stories out there.

In 2016, Ruth took her three-year-old son to the hospital to be treated for mild fever, something that every child would experience as they grow.

But what she did not know, was that simple fever visit would turned out to be the beginning of the end of her once happy toddler son’s life.

After repeated visits for the fever, a subsequent thorough check revealed that her little son, Nolan, was suffering from Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects the soft tissue.

For her, it was the beginning of a nightmare that she wishes that she never had.

In a subsequent 2018 Facebook post, Ruth shared her experiences and her challenges as she struggles with the reality that her son would no longer be with her.

What was even more touching, was the child’s continued desire to stay at the side if his mother, almost 24-hrs-a-day.

(See a link to her story on CNN, below this article)

Even when she has to take a shower, little Nolan would follow her to the bathroom and lay on the floor until she was finished.
Then he would follow her around, even in pain, as only his mother brought him comfort and hope.

But when he told his mother that he was dying, (something she already knew) and that she should please save him; – it was the most heartbreaking thing that the distressed woman could have heard.

After all, his cancer was terminal, which means that death would be swift and certain.

Not knowing what to say to her dying son, his mother could have only told him about the joys of heaven and the peace that he would find in the garden of God.

In the end, little Nolan, who had turned 4, lost his battle with Rhabdomyosarcoma on the 4 February 2017.

Months later, his mother is still trying to come to grips with the painful loss of her son.

For her, Mothers Day would be nothing more than a bittersweet day to celebrate, since there is almost nothing to be happy about than to reflect on the life of little Nolan.

So as we celebrate Mothers Day today, we must take some time to reflect on those mothers who have lost a son or a daughter, that is obviously no longer around to hug them and remind them how much of a wonderful mother they are.

For those of you who are still fortunate to see your children grow, and hear them wish you Happy Mothers Day today, you should be thankful for your kids, in the same way that they are thankful for you.

Moreover, pray that you would never have to sit and wait for your little child to die, like Ruth Scully had to painfully do.

Life is unpredictable.


(Here is a link to Nolan’s story on CNN)

Happy Mothers Day to all of you, from myself, and the rest of the news team at the Guyana Guardian.