Queens, New York; – As of December 2017, the number of Guyanese that resides abroad has risen from 463,000 (a figure that was last documented since 2010) to just about 503,000 today, making Guyana one of the countries with the largest number of emigrant citizens abroad, per capita (based against the count of it resident population).

That figure largely represents persons who still maintain their Guyanese citizenship, or who were actually born in Guyana before migrating permanently or conditionally.

According to US census data, at least 273,000 Guyanese resides in the United States, followed by Canada with around 91,000 as of 2015, and about 70,000 in the UK, with close to half of them on their path to British citizenship or may have already obtained British citizenship.

Several Caribbean States also have a large number of Guyanese residing there, with the largest being Trinidad and Tobago’s count of around 40,000, followed by Antigua and Barbuda with 18,000, and Barbados with around 15,000.

While this number can serve as a negative influencer for Guyanese traveling to other territories where undercover immigration is an issue, one of the world’s most influential financial publications, Bloomberg, has reported that Guyanese emigrants living abroad have been doing more for their country financially than the country’s private sector.

As a matter of fact, the publication contended that the injection of finances into the Guyanese economy by its citizens’ remittances from abroad has done a great deal for the economy than all other private investments at least up to last year.

According to existing data, Guyanese from around the world sent back more than US$300 million to their country in 2017 alone.