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Moses Nagamotoo was the main attraction at a medical degree-mill grad ceremony in Guyana


Moses Nagamotoo (PM) was seemingly the centre of attraction at a graduation exercise that was held by the questionable Texila American University just over a week ago.

While it was difficult to determine whether the PM had gone to the event in his personal capacity or officially, observers are of the view that Nagamotoo has now thrown the credibility of the State into question since the credentials of Texila is currently under international scrutiny.

Others have wondered whether the PM has a benefiting interest in the questionable university or whether he was simply dragged there as part of an elaborate public relations stunt by other political beneficiaries.

An investigative journalist from the Al Jazeera Network has since expressed a desperate interest in talking with Mr. Nagamotoo soonest since every other State official has been running away from all interview invitations on the ‘university’; – and the PM now seems to be a better informed State official who might be able to answer pertinent questions about its operations here.

Texila American University was repeatedly in the news regionally and internationally after reports surfaced that its medical degrees are not recognized.

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