Over the past three days, the Guyana Guardian went into the streets and ask a number of individuals whether they believe that our emerging status as an oil producing nation would actually transform into wealth for the masses.

While some seemed confused about the benefits of an oil and gas discovery, and could not share their opinion, others who think that they are in line with what is actually happening, were more than willing to share their views.

And while you can also share your views in the comments section of our website or on our Facebook page; here is a look at what others had to say. (Some comments were edited for creole language for the benefit of our readers understanding)

William, farmer from Mahaica ECD: – I think the discovery of oil is a good thing for the country, and that all of us will eventually be able to benefit.

Mikey, unemployed youth from Anns Grove, ECD; – They doing sheer s**nt. Cause I am a gold miner who is suffering from the mentality of this government to give away the mining lands to foreigners, just like they are doing with the oil. So for me, I don’t see how poor people will actually get anything from the discovery of oil

Mohan, shopkeeper from Cove and John, ECD; – They doing the same thing like the previous government. So I don’t know who will be so stupid to actually believe that the discovery of oil would mean money for the masses.

Andy, school teacher from Kitty, Georgetown; –  Iraq, Libya, South Sudan, Nigeria, and even Iran got oil. But look at the level of poverty that is facing those people after more than fifty years of oil discovery. And if I am to use that as a yardstick, I can safely that we will never benefit from any of this. So stop fooling yourself.

Marissa, security guard from Paradise ECD; – Indeed we will be better off. It is only people who want to attack the government is saying that we won’t be better off. We just need to give them some time. Two years in power is not enough to rectify this oil thing.

Shawn, barber from Eccles, EBD; – When they discovered the oil, I thought we will get jobs. But I am not seeing any progress with any oil job. So I already see that this oil thing will only be putting money in certain people pockets, while starving the other.

While this is only a fraction of the public’s opinion, we would really like to hear what many of our readers have to say.

So if you are willing to share your thoughts on this, please feel free to do so in the comments section of our online edition.

We will be more than happy to hear from you.