With potholes that are more than forty inches wide and more than ten inches deep in some places, motorists are criticizing the Public Work’s Ministry, and by extension the Government, for leaving a core section of the UG/Turkeyen access road in a state of disrepair.

The road section in question which runs along the eastern perimeter of the University of Guyana, and spans between the University entrance gate and the main entrance bridge into Dennis Street, Sophia, has become a daily nightmare for motorists.

With a usually heavy influx of traffic from the East Coast corridor which flows into the city during the mornings, and a reverse scenario in the afternoons, many motorists who uses the railway embankment usually turns into the UG/ Turkeyen access road to get into the city via Dennis Street, Sophia.

However, while there is a manageable drive between the embankment road and the University’s main entrance gate; motorists’ would usually start to experience their troubles from that point, heading south.

From having to manage a mini down-the-hill and up-the-hill pattern of driving to save their exhaust line from being left on the road; to enduring some daring left and right swerves to avoid a blowout in a pothole; motorists are seemingly not short of movie-style maneuvers in their quest to pass through the thoroughfare.

However, while a greater percentage of them seem to be able survive the torment; many are not so lucky on most days; since their vehicles either ended up with a severe exhaust damage, a pothole blowout/ rim damage, or a minor collision as they battle with other motorists for space on the narrow and potholed infested roadway.

Many have since jokingly suggested that the police should use the stretch of road to give driving test to license seeker, since only a really skilled driver can handle that stretch of road without dropping into one of the roadside potholes or suffering some other mishap.

But since hundreds of vehicles rely on the usage of the road each day to get in and out of the city, the fed-up motorists and other road users are urging the government to do something urgently about it,

“Even if dem patch am up lil bit self, awe can try wid dah “, says a distraught Davand who explained that he usually uses the road daily to transport his daughter to and from the Turkeyen Nursery school on a bicycle.