Police are now looking for a group of what could be current or past students that are responsible for the shooting of Director and Principal of Nations University Mr Brian O’toole. It seems that the threats towards the school were not taken seriously, especially since those threatening remarks were made via a fly-by-night Facebook account.

Investigators are now of the opinion that it may not be one person behind the threats as was initially believed, but a group with a seemingly unknown motive.

The group using the Facebook name “Nations Trololololo” made threats to harm students last week. This has led many parents and students opting not to return to school.
Following a meeting with concerned parents and students of Nations University, and reassuring them that there was nothing to fear, it seems the first target in a host of threats towards the school is it’s Director Mr. Brian O’toole.

Just about five hours after the meeting was concluded, Mr O’toole came under a hail of bullets at his Bel Air home. Our sources say that the intent was to murder the school’s director to send a message.
“What we can say at this point is that whoever is behind all of this wants to send a message to the school. We see shootings occurring in the US and there is always a motive but at this point, it is unclear unless we intensify the investigation.” The source said.

As a result of the shooting of the school’s director ad amid safety fears, the institution closed its doors today, without any indication as to when operations will resume.