EDITOR’S NOTE: At the time of publishing this article the President had not yet arrived. It is understood that he subsequently arrived about two hours after this article was published last evening. Therefore, the content hereafter shall be at the reader’s discretion, and in consideration of the fact that this article preceded the late arrival of the President. The headline of this article has been updated.

Since announcing yesterday (Monday) that President David Granger will be returning from Cuba today (Tuesday) after receiving some preliminary treatment for cancer, there was no sign of the President up to 9pm tonight, neither was there any word from the Ministry of the Presidency on whether the President has returned or is still returning as planned.

Checks by this public have revealed that the last flight with passengers from Cuba would have arrived in Guyana since around 2pm today. There is no record of any other flight destined for Guyana, unless that flight involves a stop in the US.

A reporter from this publication that was stationed outside of the President’s official residence on Main Street since 8am this morning have also revealed that there was no sign of the President there, except for an entourage of vehicles which included the President’s car leaving the residence at around 8pm tonight. But there was no sign that he had actually boarded the vehicle.

Another reporter that was also stationed outside of the Ministry of the Presidency, and photo-journalist at Timehri also did notice any signs which suggest that the President had arrived.

While no arrival time was announced in a recent press release from the Guyana Embassy in Cuba, one source at the Ministry of the Presidency had told this publication that he was scheduled to arrive at around 3pm, then 8pm, and 10pm.

But in either case, no media house or anyone else has received any information regarding the approximate timing of the President’s arrival, or information on whether he was already slipped into the country.

President David Granger had gone to Cuba for what was initially labelled as a medical investigation. However, this was later confirmed to be a cancer treatment regiment that had resulted in him being unable to return on the 11 November as was originally scheduled.