Swift action by the police has resulted in a gold miner being arrested, after a six-year-old child had confessed that the twenty-year-old miner had sexually assaulted him.

According to reports, the suspect, who has been identified as Rondell Baptiste, of Four Miles, Kwebana Road, Moruca, had been positively identified by the child as the person who had committed the brutal act on him.

Interestingly, Baptiste happens to be one of the child’s trusted neighbors.

The Guyana Guardian was reliably informed that the alleged incident occurred at around 4pm on the 4 May, after Baptiste had taken the child to catch fish at a nearby creek, which is in proximity to their respective homes.

It was later learnt that it was during this fishing trip that the perpetrator allegedly sexually assaulted the six-year-old against his will.

However, the incident was only uncovered after the child went home and began to complain to his parents that he was not feeling well.

As a result of the suspicious nature of the complaint, the mother further questioned the child who then revealed what Baptiste had allegedly done to him.

However, the child’s mother was said to be so traumatized by what her neighbor had done to her son that no report was made to the police until the next day.

But upon receipt of the report, the police is said to have acted swiftly since there were suspicions that the man was preparing to escape further into the interior.

The victim was also taken to the Kumaka Hospital where a medical examination was done, and which confirmed that the child was indeed sexually assaulted.

The alleged perpetrator is now in police custody, and is expected to be charged soon.

However, many residents in the area are complaining bitterly that the community’s social requirements have been greatly neglected by the State, the Child Protection Agency, and the Ministry of Social Protection.

They angrily explained that there are no social workers or counseling services that are catered to them, and most of the youths are often left to the mercy of several potential social ills.

Many lamented that the police in the area are now seemingly pressured to serve as both social workers and law enforcement officers in a bid to keep the morale of the community intact.

While they are commending the police for this, they are of the view that the State and the Social Protection Ministry needs to be more involved.