Minutes before being taken up to the courtroom to hear a murder charge being read to him yesterday, two observers and one police rank that was escorting former army captain Orwain Sandy has confirmed that the accused murderer seems to be stuck between the realm of what is real and is what is not.

“This man just keep murmuring – she is not dead, she is not dead -, repeatedly in low tones, as if he is in doubt that the girl (Reon Payne) is dead”, explained a police rank.

For him, the interdicted soldier seems to be in a state of doubt that he had actually killed his live-in partner. Moreover, he is seemingly refusing to accept that Ms. Payne is dead.

It is understood that even after the murder charge was read to him yesterday, Sandy seems confused about what is actually taking place; – a situation which caused his Attorney James Bond to ask that the man be sent for a psychiatric evaluation.

It is believed that the lawyer was also forced to make the request after Sandy seemed incapable of explaining himself or carry on a sane conversation with his attorney regarding the exact details surrounding the incident.

The Magistrate subsequently agreed with the lawyer’s request, and issued an order for Sandy to go through a psychiatric evaluation.

It remains unclear how soon this will be done and how long the psychiatric evaluation process will take.

Sources close to the matter are saying that the former soldier “has tripped”, and don’t seem to know himself; – a situation that may definitely warrant psychiatric treatment.

While Sandy’s situation is not unheard of, at least one respected British medical professional (who spoke with the Guardian by phone but preferred not to be named), – it is not impossible for someone not to remember committing a crime either prior to, during, or after the fact.

As a matter of fact, it is not rare either for an accused person to even doubt that the crime had actually taken place.

He explained that even if the person is not known to be insane, defense lawyers and investigators would often ask for blood tests and other lab processes to be carried out on a person who seem to be distant from the details pertaining to a crime that they have allegedly committed.

This is because certain classes of medication for even a regular health condition, can cause psychotic side effects that can certainly cause a person to act without reason or control.

He listed several common prescription drugs including Ketamine, Xanax, codeine, Ambien, Lunesta, and a host of other prescription painkillers and sleeping pills.

In his view, if the soldier has been taking excess amounts of any class of psychotic medication or certain sleeping pills, it is likely that he can become irrational hours after taking them, and can even resort to killing someone, even if he had no actual intent to do so.

Nonetheless, he reiterated that the fall-side to such a scenario is that “tests for psychotic substances should be best carried out within the first 24hrs of apprehending the suspect”, – a situation that most likely did not occur in Sandy’s case.

He added that if investigators were able to confirm the presence of any psychotic or psychedelic class of drug in the man’s system, they might be able to understand why he committed the crime.

Captain Sandy appeared before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where a murder charge was read to him.

He is accused of taking the life of his then live-in partner Reona Payne, by pumping 14 bullets into her body, last Saturday at first street, Alexander Village.

(Additional reporting by Andrea Fernandes)