An ‘Obeah’ post has been overwhelmingly making its rounds on social media over the past 24hrs, in so much that many puzzled minds, particularly in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago, are now open to any information that their Guyanese neighbours can give them about the ‘Obeah’ talisman; – a photo of which is displayed at the top of this article.

That is because proceedings at the Port-of-Spain Magistrate Court in Trinidad got really tense yesterday after judicial officials and members of the public were greeted by an ‘Obeah’ talisman that was placed outside of the entrance of the court.
According to a post from CCN TV6, fear over the presence of the box was quite obvious, since practically everyone was afraid to move it.

The ‘Obeah’ object, which is basically a little black box shaped like a coffin and bounded by a red ribbon and the rotten head of a dead feathery bird, created a great deal of uneasiness in the court environs, with no one willing enough to go near it, even after proceedings ended yesterday.

Social media soon went abuzz with some persons expressing fear, while many simply laugh and use all forms of sarcasm to mock the presence of the box and about ‘Obeah’ itself.

One poster jokingly said “ The Moruga Obeah Workers Association (MOWA) would like to deny any involvement in this matter”, while another comically added that people would have picked it up if they were told that it is “ … the new Samsung S12”.

But obviously, it is not.

Do you know what it is, or are you willing to go to Trinidad and help them to move it?