Georgetown; – At least one gunman was shot dead during the commissioning of a robbery at the water Street branch of Republic Bank earlier this morning.

Several others who are suspected to be associated with the robbery have escaped.

The dead bandit has been identified by several media sources as Elton Wray, who holds a university degree in Agronomy, and was among a selected few that were sent on a government scholarship to China.

The very fact that a degree holder such as Wray could have been involved in a major bank robbery has sent shock waves throughout Guyana since Guyanese have always separated well-qualified individuals from acts of banditry here.

Another bandit who was injured, ironically turned out to be an employee of the very bank (Republic Bank) where the robbery attempt was made. He is believed to have been on leave at the time.

According to reports, the now dead Wray and four other accomplices (including the Republic Bank employee) attempted to loot cash from a courier who had exited an armored vehicle to make a deposit at the bank at around 7:30 this morning.

But even though the men had initially discharged their weapons in the direction of the security personnel, none of them was injured.

However, this subsequently led to an exchange of gunfire between the bandits and the security services personnel that were escorting the cash.

In the process, Wray was fatally shot, while another bandit (Republic Bank Employee) who had escaped into the nearby Vendors Mall, was subsequently captured by police after persons who were tending their trade at the location, pointed him out to police.

The bank has since made a decision to close the water branch until further notice, while several traumatized employees were later sent home.