By Odella Patterson

(Guyana Guardian) – A young woman, who was before the court because her employer had accused her of stealing $62,000 (US$300) from him was set free after the court discovered that her accuser was using the matter to demand oral sex from the 22yr old in exchange for her freedom.

The woman was originally charged with larceny from her employer Mr Wayne Veira after the man had made a report to the police claiming that she had stole a quantity of cash from him.

According to police prosecutor Richard Harris, investigations had revealed that the accused who had worked as a clerk at Superbelt, an entity owned by Mr Veira, took $6200 from a cash register without the man’s permission and converted same to her own use on the 2 August, 2016.
As a result, she was arrested by the police and charged with the offence which resulted in her being brought before the court.

In court, presiding Magistrate Christel Lambert put the accusation to the woman who subsequently pleaded guilty.
And as part of the sentencing process, the Magistrate asked the young woman if she had anything to say before she is sentenced, and she replied “yes”.

When given a chance to speak, the solemn looking young lady told the court that she was a compulsive gambler and would usually borrow monies from her employer to gamble, which is always paid back.
But on the 2 August, 2016 her luck ran out, after a G$62,000 (US$300) loan that she had took from her employer (with his consent) was lost on her various bets.
She then brought this to the knowledge of her employer, and pleaded with him for some additional time to repay the loan, but the businessman strenuously objected.
Instead, he told her that she can repay the debt by offering him several rounds of “heads” (oral sex to his person), over a period of time to compensate for the loan. But the young woman refused.
She claimed that her boss continued to harass and threaten her for days, which almost led to a mental breakdown, as the pressure began to cause her to ponder on whether to acquiesce to the man’s request to end the harassment.

However, being wary of her holding out, the businessman carried through with his threat to have her locked up by the police, and at which point he still continued to offer her the option to perform oral sex on him, in exchange for her not to go to court and prison.

Alarmed by what she had heard the Magistrate then asked the businessman to respond to the allegations, but he refused and would only smile at the court.

The magistrate then upbraided the young woman and implored her to desist from her gambling habits, since her current situation should be a dreadful warning sign of the many bad things that can happen to her as a result of her gambling penchant.

The young woman then told the court that she would adhere to the advice of the court if she is given another chance at her freedom.

The Magistrate then acquiesced to the woman’s plea for leniency, after weighing all of the circumstances surrounding the charge.

She told the young woman that the charge against her is dismissed, and that she was free to go.

The young woman then thanked the magistrate, and quickly exited the courtroom as a free woman, as the disappointed businessman trailed slowly behind.