The partly decomposed remains of a Berbice man, who went missing before noon on Saturday last, has been found.

The deceased, 52-year-old Karamchan Parbhudyal of Grant 1561 Crabwood Creek had reportedly left his home at around 9am on Saturday to imbibe with some friends at an area rum-shop.

However, sometime after 1pm on the same day, three men visited the Parbhudyal’s family and told them that they had taken the man to catch fish at Calabash Creek (which is annexed to the Corentyne River), but they feared that something dreadful had happened to him.

According to the men, while they were fishing, the middle-aged man simply went out of sight and was therefore unable to account for his disappearance.

But the man’s daughter, Tanuja Parbhudyal also called ‘Vidya’ had told the Guyana Guardian last evening that she had a bad feeling about the men’s story since the family was further told that her father was in an area where the water was only waist deep.

And since her father was an excellent swimmer, him ironically not being unable to swim in such a shallow water zone in the first place, did not make any sense.

Furthermore, she could not understand why her father would have attired himself in proper clothing to go fishing when it was customary for him to go out and have a drink on Saturday mornings.

A report was subsequently made and the three men were arrested and detained by the police.

But even though their hope of finding him alive had faded, his family, with the aid of a son-in-law and a search party combed the creek area early this morning and stumbled upon the man’s remains at around 8am.

The police were then summoned and thereafter took the relevant evidence, before escorting the man’s remains to the Skeldon mortuary where an autopsy is scheduled to be performed.

The three men who claimed that the deceased was with them at the time he had disappeared are still being grilled by the police.