Worrel Abrams, a man who was accused, along with another, of murdering gold miner Orlando La Cruz back in June this year at Jack and Veira Backdam in the North West District has been captured by police from Mabaruma, yesterday.

It was alleged back then, that the accused and his friend had killed La Cruz via a gunshot wound to the neck after the miner refused to adhere to a request by one of the men to suck his penis during a drinking spree.

The Guyana Guardian understands that the two accused, which included the now captured 27-year-old Worrel Abrams had gone into hiding after the incident.

Ironically, the man was hiding out in plain sight; which was obvious since he was imbibing openly with some friends up to yesterday at a shop at Four Miles, Oronoque, Port Kaituma. At the time, no one was aware that he was wanted for murder.

But after imbibing until late into the afternoon, Abrams felt he had enough, and left the drinking spot to go to Big Creek Backdam.

However, while on his way there, a person whom he cannot identify sneak up and stabbed him in the abdomen, before escaping into the bushy terrain.

Wounded and bleeding profusely, the injured man was taken to the hospital at Port Kaituma where was receiving treatment, when a detective from the Mabaruma police district visited him to take a report.

Interestingly, the detective subsequently realized that the wounded Abrams was actually a murder suspect that the police was trying to locate for several weeks now.

After the man was treated and admitted to the Port Kaituma hospital, a source at the institution told this publication that the Mabaruma detective moved in and told Abrams about the murder allegation, read him his rights, and immediately placed him under arrest.

Abrams is now under police guard at the said hospital.

He is expected to be charged shortly in connection with the murder for which he was positively identified, as an accomplice.

The other murder accused is still on the run.