With their trial set to begin in the January 2019 Demerara Assizes, two young women implicated in the murder of Professor Perry Mars have opted to plead guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter according to two usually reliable legal sources.

The Guyana Guardian understands that the young women expressed concerns about facing a High Court trial for the Capital charge of murder, possible length of the trial and its unpredictable outcome. It is understood that through their lawyers, the young women are expected to plead guilty to the lesser count of Manslaughter when their case is called tomorrow.

However, there are no indications as to whether the other three co-accused may take the same course of action.

75-year-old Professor Mars who was residing at 365 Bissessar Avenue, Prashad Nagar, was found slaughtered in his home at around 6.30pm back in May 2016. His hands and feet were strapped by duct-tape, and there were visible injuries to his head.

The house was also ransacked and a number of articles and cash were missing.

Police after intense investigations, cracked the case and later say that one of the female suspects had informed her boyfriend that she was going to Mars’s home and that the elderly man would be alone.

The boyfriend allegedly told her that it was a good opportunity to rob Mars.

The boyfriend, who is also be facing the same charge of murder, then contacted his friends, who allegedly met at a house in ‘C’ Field, Sophia where they reportedly hatched the plan, before walking over to Mars’s home.

Investigators say the group of teens then assaulted Mars, killed him, and then ransacked his house before carting off a number of items.