Paramaribo, Suriname; – A phone call that was said to be made by Barry Dataram’s reputed wife to someone suspected to be his aunt in Guyana on Sunday 9 October 2016 was more than the crack that US Cyber Intelligence had needed in order to point out his location to Surinamese authorities who subsequently swoop down on the fugitive’s hideout at Latour, on the southern side of Paramaribo.

The Guyana Guardian has received credible information from a usually reliable source from within the US Department of State who established that since the United States has an interest in the fugitive, Washington had automatically extended its intelligence support to the Dutch speaking country when it was certain that Dataram had indeed crossed into Suriname.

A self-confessed drug baron, Dataram became a fugitive from the Guyanese justice system after he skipped bail upon the conclusion of a trial, at which he was found guilty, but made a decision to flee Guyana before a Magistrate’s five year sentencing decision could have been handed down.

Previously establishing that the convict and his wife had fled from Guyana to across the border in Suriname using forged travel documents, Guyanese authorities were on a race against time to apprehend him for fear that efforts were afoot by him to flee further south in a bid to reach out for concealment support in Colombia.

Dataram and his wife have since been extradited to Guyana. However, only the drug baron himself is facing a five year conviction.