With his daughter at his side to assist him, 49-year-old Jairam (only name given), disembarked a minibus which brought him and his 11-year-old son back from the Fort Wellington hospital.

But though the minibus had dropped him off at the correct address at Cotton Field, the man and his children have no structure at that address to sleep.

Moreover, they hardly know how they will eat.

A fire had late Sunday evening completely destroyed their two-flat home, leaving the family of six destitute and homeless.

He, along with all of the other family members inclusive of his wife, two daughters, and one son, were burnt at the bottom of their feet, and had to visit the medical facility to receive treatment for the burns that they had sustained.

Fortunately, his two-year-old grandchild who was in the home at the time of the fire was unharmed.

But now that all of his earthly possessions are destroyed, Jairam is in a state of distress since he does not know where to turn for help.

When this publication caught up with the visibly distressed man, he was holding on to his injured 11-year-old son, while expressing concerns for the rest of his family who were still in the hospital.

But though Jairam had sustained burns that require further hospitalization, the man lamented that he had to leave the institution to go in search of assistance for his family.

Stressing that his family now has absolutely nothing to continue a normal livelihood, the man seems unconcerned about the fact that he is still in danger from the burns that he had sustained.

For him, he is more worried about what would happen to his family and how he would provide for them even after they are released from the hospital.

Though several kindhearted neighbors have provided the unfortunate household with a temporary place of abode, the Cotton Tree, Berbice resident knows that the support is only temporary, as his family would only have a few weeks to get things in order.

However, Jairam posited, that such a prospect isn’t anywhere within his sight, since his burnt feet, along with a broken left leg that he had suffered nine months ago, prevents him from doing much to support his family.

“Me wife does do lil domestic wuk here and there fuh bring in lil income”, he said, with an obvious look of hopelessness and despair in his watery eyes.

The man related that even with a damaged leg, he had only five days ago began working at a security firm, but would now be unable to continue.

Calling himself an unlucky person, the man tearfully listed a series of unfortunate events which have befallen him; which ranged from his broken leg, his burnt house, his wife’s post-surgery condition, and his family’s present despaired state of affairs.

For him, only God can help his family out of their current situation.

At the moment, his children cannot go to school because they do not have school clothing, shoes, books or anything.

Mr. Jairam and his family are now pleading with members of the public to assist them in any way that they can.

Persons desirous of assisting the family can contact them at 619-6113.