Several persons are seeking answers as to why police ranks that are stationed at the Sophia and other adjoining bus parks in the city, are refusing to arrest criminals who have committed crimes, ironically, right before their eyes.

With several mostly traffic and intermittent patrol ranks being stationed around the bus park, it remains a mystery as to why almost half-a-dozen persons are robbed or accosted in that area in broad daylight almost daily, and ironically with the police ranks allegedly looking on.

Accusations of the police seemingly deliberate ‘blind eye’ approach to crime in that area have been finding its way every week on social media, while other victims have reached out to the media in frustration.

At least three of them shared the same repeating experience with the Guyana Guardian, but with a completely different end-game.

According to the most recent robbery victim, his experience has now left him questioning the integrity of some ranks of the Guyana Police Force.
According to the man, while trying to enter a Sophia bus one day, he was barred from doing so by a group of males who “lime” at the bus park daily. Suspecting that the men who had encircled him was up to no good, the victim told this publication that (since no one was coming to his assistance), he immediately try to escape by leaving the park, but the gang of men cornered him and tried to take away his phone, money and other belongings (in full view of the public).

Not intending to give up, the victim explained that he tried to resist the attack, but the men became inpatient and proceeded to beat him in the head so bad that he fell to the ground, resulting in his glasses becoming damage.

All of this allegedly occurred in full view of a police rank in uniform to whom the victim rush to for rescue and to file a complaint. Other persons who were in the area also urged the policeman to summon help or to apprehend anyone of the perpetrators, but the lawman simply refused to act while roughing up the victim, whom he harshly told: “GO TO BRICKDAM!!”.

Fortunately, the Brickdam Police Station was more responsive to the victim and immediately sent out a team of lawmen who swiftly arrested the robbers.

Nonetheless, despite the arrest of those gang of robbers, there are many more that continue to target unsuspecting persons at the Sophia and surrounding parks, on a daily basis.

Many observers are of the view that the Guyana Police Force has to be more proactive, and launch a sustained campaign to rid the Sophia and other bus park areas of the many criminal predators that continue to rob and grope law-abiding citizens that have to access transportation or pass that area.