When Corentyne murder suspect Ryan Singh was captured earlier this week, the Guyana Guardian had (within minutes of his arrest) published the fact that the man was captured at Nickerie in Suriname.

At the time, the Guyana Guardian had confirmation from the authorities in Suriname, and the victim’s family, among others.

However, a press release from the police had subsequently claimed that the man was arrested at Springlands.

That information was then re-published by almost all of the other media houses, with some making graphic claims that the man was arrested in an old house, while another publication had claimed that the man was arrested while running into a yard at Springlands.

Nonetheless, the police were later forced by Surinamese authorities to issue a press release less than two days later, to highlight the fact that the man was arrested in Suriname (as was originally reported by the Guardian), and not Spinglands as the police had first reported.

Here is a copy of that press release.


The Guyana Police Force wishes to apologise for the error contained in the press regarding the arrest of murder suspect Ryan Singh.

The fact is that Ryan Singh was arrested by Police Authorities in Nickerie, Suriname and handed over to Local Authorities here and this was initiated at the level of the Crime Chief of the Guyana Police Force.

It is unfortunate that the Divisional Commander of ‘B’ Division was not fully apprised of the circumstances surrounding this arrest.

We wish to recognise the continued excellent and harmonious ‘Law Enforcement’ collaboration between Police Authorities in Suriname and the Guyana Police Force, which has grown and strengthened itself over the last years.

We sincerely apologise for the erroneous communication and wish to give full credit to the Police Authorities in Nickerie.

Jairam Ramlakhan
Public Relations and Press Officer
Guyana Police Force