A gang of bandits who have been terrorizing and robbing New Amsterdam residents practically on a daily basis, has caused several communities in the township to surmise that the Police Force is probably afraid or too weak in their drive to bring down the makeshift organization, whose leaders are said to hail from Overton Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, in the said New Amsterdam.

The gang which has been described as “pests” and “crosses” by many in the neighborhood, ensure that they live up to the Scare Dem Gang name by literally scaring and robbing residents and persons from other districts in the most violent and intimidating way.

From robbery to sexual assault, to other forms of pillaging, the gang’s criminal rap sheet seems to be growing by the day.

And to make their ruthlessness clear, the gang members would usually return and threaten or harm any of their victims if they should report them to the police.

The latest robbery victim to experience this lesson was Jimmy Mohabir, who was robbed of over $400,000 and then chopped in the head by the said gang members who also chopped his father.

However, after reporting the matter and causing a gang member to be arrested for the crime, other infuriated gang members went back yesterday and terrorize a hapless Mohabir, and threatened a police officer who happens to be a relative of the robbery victim.

But whenever the gang members are not robbing or terrorizing citizens like Mohabir, they certainly ensure that they at least deprive residents of their peace of mind, by making them know that anyone of them can be the next target, at any time.

In a discreet and visibly fearsome interview with the Guyana Guardian residents within the area reasoned that the gang is spearheaded by three brothers, while adding that the brothers are also “grooming a nephew” to join the hierarchy of the criminal faction.

But what is also bothersome to residents, is the eerie conduct of the gang members even at the brightest point of the day, where the gang seemingly has no desire to hide their intents.

One of the latest such incidents has since established their penchant for this open-order type of conduct, which was experienced by a resident.

According to the victim in that case, one day upon her return home, one of the gang members were discovered standing on her bridge with a cutlass and a large working chain as if he was scanning her property.
And even though the man noticed that she was trying to enter her yard, he still blocked her path making it difficult for her to pass.

However, after getting past him a few minutes later, the disgruntled man swiftly turned his attention to her 58-year-old father who was nearby and accused the older man of threatening to burn his house down. But as the man denied the accuser’s claim, the woman claimed that man summoned his other gang members who all launched expletives at the 58-year-old, before hurling a concrete block to his hip.

Describing the unit as men in their early 30s and without employment, another resident stated that “people can’t sleep in peace,” for fear of waking up to missing or damaged items from their homes, or having to encounter something more gruesome, at the hands of the gang.

He noted that even though his house was never invaded by the criminals, he did not discount that from happening in the near future.

But before more property is lost, or more innocent lives are put at risk, the residents are urging the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of Public Security to take their plight with the Scare Dem Gang, seriously.