Based upon intelligence information and facts gathered from several victims, the Guyana Police Force is warning taxi drivers, especially those who operates a specific range of Toyota cars, to be on the lookout for a gang of clever hijackers.

According to the police, all cab drivers particularly those operating the Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio brand of motor cars should always be on the alert for potential hijackers, who with the help of one or sometimes two female accomplices, who would usually hire cabs in Georgetown to take them to destinations such as East and South Ruimveldt in Georgetown, Lillendaal on the East Coast or to other locations further up the East Coast of Demerara, especially at nights.

However, upon arrival at the passenger’s requested location, the fake passenger’s partners in crime would then pounce on the unsuspecting taxi driver.

A Guyana police force missive had indicated that in all of the previous instances, the waiting bandits has been described as two males who are always armed with guns. And once their victim is cornered at the desired location, they are forcefully relieved of their personal belongings as well as their motor cars by the said bandits.

In most cases, the criminals would either then add a pair of fake number plates to the stolen vehicle and use it to commit other crimes, or take it to another location where it is stripped for parts.

The Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio are arguably the most common brand of motor vehicle in Guyana. As such, it’s mechanical and structural parts are generally in high demand; which makes it a cash-pulling temptation for hijackers.

In view of this, the Guyana Police Force is appealing to the general public to provide any information that they may have regarding the identity of any individual that may be involved in perpetrating these types of offenses.

This information can be confidentially conveyed to the nearest police station or by calling: 225-6411, 226-1389, 227-2128, 225-2227, 226-7065, 225-0575, or the generic 911 number.