A 59-year-old man of East Indian ancestry and who is believed to have hailed from Ruimzeight, on the West Coast Demerara is reported to have died while being an admitted patient at the Fort Wellington Hospital on the West Coast of Berbice.

According to the police, the deceased whose only name was given as “Deroop”, was taken to the Fort Wellington Hospital by an unknown woman since 5 October last, after complaining of chest pains and other complications including an abscess to the head.

However, while the man was admitted and treated for his ailments, he succumbed some 11 days later.

But armed with no other information than what was left by the unknown woman the police have been trying for weeks to locate the dead man’s relatives.

As such, they are seeking the assistance of the members of the public, in the hope that someone can properly identify the deceased, alert the man’s relatives or rather, the police, so as to help bring closure to the case.

His body is presently lodged at the Fort Wellington Hospital Mortuary.

Anyone with information that may lead to the location of his relatives is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 226-4585, 225-2700, 232-0313, 333-3876, 333-2485, 333-2191, 333-2151, 268-2343, 268-2329, 268-2328, 911 or the nearest Police Station.