An elderly woman who was brutally raped by a man several days ago, is grieving with suicidal thoughts after ranks at the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam allegedly chased her out of the compound when she went there to file a report.

According to the victim, Bibi Hussain, she went to the police station after a man had broken into her home and brutally raped her and left, but not before ejaculating in her.

Devastated by the incident, the woman told the Guyana Guardian that she went to the Central Police Station and filed a report, but received the most shocking response of her life.

According to the crying woman, the police told her in the most degrading way that she is insane, while referring to her as a “junkie”.

She added that they advised her to leave the station, while stressing that none of the officers took her to the hospital, or pay any mind to what she had to say.

As it is now, the woman says that she is helpless and do not know where to turn.

She is hoping that the publication of her story will force those higher in authority to look into her situation, and see that justice is served.

Hussain was allegedly raped after a young man broke down the door to her New Street, New Amsterdam home on April 6, and brutally raped her.

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(Editorial note: The victim in this article made no objection to her identity be known, as she is seeking the public’s help to solve this crime)