“What sort of example is the Guyana Police Force setting, when they are encouraging their ranks to live home and have sexual relationships with children, eh? – At least that is the question one concerned villager is asking, in light of the fact that a lawman is claimed to be ‘living-home’ with a 15-year-old child on the West Coast of Demerara.

According to information reaching this publication, the policeman (name withheld), who is said to be stationed at Vreed-en-Hoop, has been allegedly ‘living-home’ with the child since she was just 14 years old, but was having sexual contact with her since she was 13.

The child who is now in fourth-form at a secondary school that is close to the ‘D’ Division Headquarters was said to have been involved with the lawman since she was in form 2, and while he was stationed at a nearby police station.

Photographs with the policeman and the child in bed, along with their names were provided to this publication by two observers who have also expressed their disgust at the adult and child sexual relationship.

To add insult to injury, villagers who are familiar with the child have told the Guyana Guardian that several policemen from the ‘D’ Division on the West Coast are very much aware of the relationship, since they have allegedly witnessed the child visiting the police rank at the police station while identifying herself as his “girl”.

“De police dem right at de station know bout de chile. Cause a lot a dem does be there when de lil girl go to he”, said another concerned neighbour.

As a matter of fact, this publication was told that some of the police ranks even attended an engagement drink-up when their colleague had engaged to the then 14-year-old child, and not one of them expressed any concerns about the matter.

What is even more strange is the fact that the child lives with her mother who is accused of upholding the child’s ‘dealings’, since they all sleep in the same house.

Two persons have since told this publication that several complaints were filed with the Child Care and Protection Agency, but is claiming that the agency seems to be encouraging the slackness since no one from the body had shown any interest in the matter.

It is understood that the child has to wash and cook for the policeman daily, and sleeps on the same bed with him every night.

She is expected to write CXC (CSEC) until 2020, and many are afraid that she might end up with one or two children before then, and thus robbing her of an opportunity to qualify herself.